Our Story

The question that created HercLéon was

"Why does one shirt smell so bad after a day and the other after a few hours?"

This question came to our founder Wenceslaus (Wen) Muenyi during an emotional-getaway trip to Iceland following the death of his mother Grace Muenyi to cancer, the end of his long-term relationship, and losing his path in life. During the trip, Wen only packed one backpack of clothing and very quickly realized that his one backpack wasn't going to be enough, learning that certain clothes smelled bad after one wear, making the other clothes smell too.  Being naturally curious, Wen returned home and started studying textiles and the process that leads to clothes smelling bad. 

Fast forward to 2019, HercLéon releases our first active-clean shirt, the Apollo self-cleaning shirt with a Kickstarter campaign. The Apollo release gets over 500 backers from over ten countries. To our surprise and delight, everyone who ordered a shirt loved it from the first day, and instantly started asking us to produce more articles of clothes. As a creator, Wen is always filled with doubt that people will like the products he creates, and so this positive feedback was the greatest motivator to him and he instantly started working on more products using his extensive knowledge of materials. 

Following the Apollo release, Wen proceeded to release Jax Sheets, a bed sheet designed for men. Now, you're probably asking, why for men? On average, single men under the age of 30 only wash their bed sheets every three months. This single statistic was gross and inspiring to Wen, because he remembers being in college and rarely washing his bed sheets. He, along with a large population of single men, was not informed on the need for sheets to be washed more than once every few months. Knowing this fact and using the material technology behind HercLéon's shirt, he released Jax Sheet on Kickstarter. As you can probably guess, the feedback was either love or hate; some people hated them because they had never heard of bed sheets for men, and others loved them because all the benefits sounded amazing. Regardless of the angry comments the bed sheets received, the Kickstarter campaign went on to get over 2000 pre orders to people from over 50 countries. Sadly, the end of the campaign was the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, and so Wen and the team got to experience the joy of production delays, logistics nightmares, and financial management during a recession/global crisis. The production that would've taken a few months under normal conditions, dragged on for months, and finally started shipping in September of 2020. 

Since the release of Jax Sheets, HercLéon went on to release Kribi, the underwear you can wear for days/weeks, on Indiegogo. This release received over 1000 pre-orders. Following that release, a HercLéon family members persistently emailed Wen to request a face mask that didn't suck. After getting a few dozen emails from this nurse, along with other customers, we released the Aplu acne fighting face mask. This face mask has been our single most affordable and most popular product, helping tens of thousands of people stay safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

During all of this madness, Shark Tank reached out and after a long preparation process, Wen was flown out to Las Vegas to film a pitch for the Sharks. To keep everyone safe during the filming, Wen was required to take four Covid tests and quarantine alone in a hotel room for over nine days. Following the pitch, Shark Tank told everyone that even though their pitch was filmed, only half of the pitches will be aired, and those contestants won't know until three weeks before the air date that they will be on the show. Thankfully, we were recently informed that we will be airing on February 12th, 2021. 

This is our story so far but as you can tell, we've got a long way to go to change the world and we're excited you're coming along for the ride. 

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