Apollo Self-cleaning Shirt

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  • Has someone ever told you that your shirt stinks? Well, we've heard that before, so we created a shirt where you will never have to be embarrassed by your smelly clothes again. Here are the unique benefits you'll gain from the Apollo:

    - Laundry Free: Our shirts don't have to be washed. Yes, you read that right -- our laundry-free shirt can be worn for days, weeks, and even months without having to be washed.
    - Odor Resistant: Imagine a shirt that doesn't stink, and that's what you'll be wearing every single day. Our shirts allow you to smell good no matter what challenges life throws at you. 
    3x Softer Than Cotton: Read our reviews, our self-cleaning shirt is the softest shirt you'll ever wear. As soft as cashmere, this shirt will always make you feel like you're wearing a cloud of luxury.
    - Temperature regulating: What's worse than wearing a shirt that gets too hot and uncomfortable? Well, we created the Apollo to be be comfortable in all conditions like the harsh Minnesota winter and even the hot summers in Death Valley. 
    - Wrinkle Resistance: Don't you love having a wrinkled shirt? No? Well, neither do we, and that's why we made sure our shirt was wrinkle resistant, so you don't have to bring an iron whenever you're out enjoying the world.
    - Simply, The Best: Our Apollo shirt was created to be the most eco-friendly, softest, and most convenient shirt you've ever owned. Without a doubt, the Apollo will become your favorite shirt from the first moment you put it on. 

    New Colors: Green & Red were just added, photos coming soon. 

  • You can't make the cleanest shirt in the world without creating a whole new material. Our material is called HercFiber, and it's unique because it blends beechwood tree fiber, copper fiber, and elastin to make the perfect shirt. Learn more here

  • We know you have a lot of questions about how to wash this shirt, so we created a whole page for you to learn more about the care instructions. Learn more here.

    Key point: For more anti-smell efficiency, always flip the shirt inside out after each use and let them air out for at least 6 hours. 

  • This shirt was designed for outdoor use and as such, if used in places where there isn't a lot of fresh air, the shirt will not be as effective. So we don't recommend this shirt being used as pajamas. 

    Also worth noting, for people that have more sweat/body odor, they might be required to rinse the shirt off at night if they plan to use it again the next day, but this is only necessary for 5% of our buyers. 

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