Kronos 2.0 Travel Hat

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  • We're so excited to be releasing the latest in the kronos travel hat series, the new kronos 2.0. Designed to be the most useful, comfortable, and safe hat while going for a run, to the store, or a long trip around the world. The kronos 2.0 has awesome benefits, like:

    - Reflective surface for night time safety
    - Ultra-absorbent sweatband
    - Water-resistant surface
    - Secret built-in pocket
    - Adjustable strap
    - UV-blocking
    - Free shipping on orders $50+ (U.S.), $100+ (Canada), and $150+ (Worldwide)

    Without a doubt, there is no other hat in the world like this one. Get yours and we bet you'll love it.

    *Due to high demand, we've limited everyone to one hat per order*

  • Unlike our other products, we didn't use our self-cleaning material for this hat on purpose. Our goal in making this hat was to make something unique, stylish, comfortable, and safe. To achieve this goal we had to use a new material that mimics a mirror by having over one million reflective pieces that sends the light back towards the source. This unique material allowed us to create a hat that keeps you safe at night because bikes, motorcycles, and car lights will reflect to the rider and alert them of your presence. Oh, and of course, we liked it because it looked very cool.

    Note: This hat is water-resistant, which means it is not as breathable as our previous bamboo-based hats.

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