[Pre-order] Self-Cleaning Mask

$ 6.99 USD $ 29.99 USD

  • Why make this?
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  • For the last few weeks, our customers have asked if we would consider making a mask using our self-cleaning material. Well, after we nagged our manufacturing partner to let us get some masks produced using our material, they finally relented and we were able to make a limited run of masks to give to our customers who want one. 

    This mask is a non-profit mask because we do not think it's ethical to make a profit during a time of global crises, and we are creating these masks to do our part to help. Now, this means that we hope you only take what you need, and leave some for others since we have such limited supplies.

    Regardless, we want you to know that you're never alone. We are always here to be of service in anyway possible, so if there is ever something we can help out with, please feel free to email us. 

    With immense love and appreciation,
    Wen & the HercLéon team

    Note: We've removed our 3 masks maximum for now to allow everyone to get exactly how many they need, but we will add it back in a few days. 
  • Our masks will be:

    - Gray
    - Quad-layered
    - Self-cleaning
    - Odor-resistant
    - Antibacterial
    - Comfortable 
    - High-efficiency filter

  • This mask is a quad-layered masks, and the layers are:
    - HercFiber
    - Filter material
    - Filter lining
    - Comfort layer

  • ETA: This is a pre-order, which means that we have not received the masks. So when you order, keep that in mind, because we will not be shipping the masks out for another 2-4 weeks.

    Costs: Partially because we ship our masks out of Minnesota, the shipping costs can be stupidly expensive, especially if you're not in the United States. So we do not recommend non-U.S. residents to buy our masks because shipping to Europe, for example, can cost as much as $80 for us, which is outrageous. Sadly, we do not set these prices, the postal companies do, and we suspect they've raised the costs because of COVID-19.

  • We created this mask to help people live as comfortably and safely as possible that is why one of the key benefits of our masks and material is its ability to neutralize almost all smell and infection-causing bacterias. The copper in our material releases magnetically charged ions into the DNA & RNA of bacterias and viruses to destroy them from the inside. 

    This unique copper ability was confirmed by the 
    CDC, whose research says copper is one of the most effective surfaces at killing the Coronavirus. Copper has also been tested and is able to kill other infections like E. coli, MRSA (medication-resistant bacteria), Influenza A (Flu), and many others.

    So, when you're out and about, the best mask to wear is your HercLéon mask, because it's working hard on the molecular level to keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy.

    *Disclaimer* While we have tests results of the effectiveness of our clothing, we aren't guaranteeing it will keep you safe from any viruses.