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  • We will start shipping orders September 30th, we will also upload pictures of the different colors as soon as they arrive.

    We know you have to wear a mask, so why don't you wear one that you enjoy? That was the thought that led us to create the Aplu self-cleaning mask. This very popular masks has some unique benefits, like:

    - Comfortable for extended periods
    : We initially created our masks for nurses and service workers who have to wear masks for hours at a time, so our masks our super comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. 

    - Perfect face fit: We designed our masks to fit your face perfectly. A significant issue we noticed with most masks that we test is that they push against your mouth, making talking very difficult. So, we created the Aplu to perfect fit most face while also giving your mouth enough space to chat comfortably. This unique design results in a very comfortable fit and is why the moment anyone tries our masks, it instantly becomes their favorite. 

    - Adjustable Straps: One size does not fit all, so all our masks come with adjustable straps so you can shorten or lengthen it to make your masks more comfortable for you. When Covid-19 started, we were using 3M's N95 masks that didn't offer any adjustments with the straps' length, and we hated it, so we made sure not to make that mistake.

    - Neck (Comfort) option: After a special request by Wen's Grandfather, we've added the option for neck-straps. Neck-straps are recommended for people who have to wear a mask for multiple hours, are traveling, have hearing-aid, or want to give their ear a freaking break. Let's be honest, ears are not made to handle the pressure of a mask pulling it, and so we're excited to offer our more comfortable adjustable neck option.

    - Enhanced Air Filter: Our quad-layered design reduces the percentage of airborne particles that make their way into your lunges. While not medical-grade, the Aplu we initially created the Aplu for people in high-risk environments. We made sure the Aplu was as safe as possible, so essential workers didn't have to worry while serving our community.

    - Acne fighting: We noticed during our design process that many non-single use masks were causing acne around where the masks touched people's faces. So, while creating the Aplu, we made sure to use our HercFiber material on the areas that touch your face, limiting the growth of acne-causing bacteria and fighting to reduce your chances of getting mask-caused acne.

    [for best result anti-acne, make sure to soak your masks in warm water every use to remove the dirt]

    - Less washing required: Along with acne-fighting benefit, our masks offer the unique advantage of actively fighting bacteria that touch its surface. This benefit allows the masks to be safely worn more often, with less personal risk. 

    - Non profit pricing: We do not believe we should profit from a pandemic, this is why we are selling the masks at a no-profit price, so everyone can afford one and be safe while living in such unusual times. Whatever extras we have will be donated to nursing homes, hospitals, and other places where their safety is at risk.

    Risk-free Purchase: If you hate it, you don't pay for it. Just email us and request a refund if the masks aren't your new favorite.

    - Limited to 10 masks/order : Due to very high demand and our desire to help as many people as possible, we are limiting everyone to 10 masks per person.  Also, because we're a small team and have hundreds of orders for masks, we have a ship out time of 1-3 days after you place your order, so please be patient.

  • We are sorry that we keep selling out of the masks, they sell out a lot faster than we can make more. Regardless, we are producing more, so join our lists and we'll email you when they're available for sale.

    Estimated Inventory Arrival: September 25th

  • We know how challenging it is to find the perfect fit, so we made three different sizes. 

    - X-Small/Small (7.8 x 5.1 in): Fits most ladies, some children, and some men
    - Medium (9.4 x 5.5 in): Fits most men without a beard and some ladies 
    - Large/X-Large (9.4 x 6.1 in): Fits most people with a beard

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