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Knörr - The World's Most Airline Approved Personal Backpack | Perfect for Travel, Work, School, and Gym Use

$ 49.99 USD $ 129.99 USD

The backpack that makes traveling easy again is here. Forget the ugly bags that ask for people to mug you. Forget the small suitcase that no one likes dragging around. Get yourself this bag that is perfect for traveling. Designed while I was traveling in Iceland, this makes traveling easier. The top and bottom have their separate zippers and are divided so that you can put your clean clothes on the top and as you travel and get more dirty clothes, they can go in the bottom. Even if you're at home and not on a trip, going to work, you can put your office stuff on the top and your gym stuff in the bottom. Going for a mini hike and have dirty shoes? Put your hiking shoes on the lower section of the bag that way you don't have to get your main backpack dirty with your muddy shoes. Plus, if you get caught in a light rain, the backpack is water resistant, so you don't have to worry about your things getting wet. Needless to say, the backpack is the perfect lifelong travel backpack and to seal the deal, it comes with lifelong health insurance (unlike Americans) that covers for issues with the bag's zippers and things along those lines.


Simplicity, functionality, and fashionability... All in one backpack

Don't let anyone lie to you; size does matter!


If you've ever flown through Europe, you know how serious they are about their baggage size. Well, this is sized perfectly for over 50+ global airlines.

With less wasteful pockets inside the bag, you don't have to worry about your stuff not fitting

If you get stuck in a light rain, you don't have to worry, the water-resistant coating will keep your belongings dry

When you're not using it, the bag stores away easily and doesn't take up much space

You can switch from a backpack to a duffle bag in seconds

You'll be amazed just how much you can fit in this backpack

 So the only question now is... what are you waiting for?