Care Instructions

Hand wash recommended

For normal wear, you are able to wear our clothing for an extended period of time without having to wash it, so we recommend you don't. If there's dirt or something that warrants the shirt being washed, then we recommend you rinse it off in a sink. When rinsing it off, you don't need soap either but you're welcome to use a gentle laundry detergent as needed. After you finish washing it, we recommend you squeeze dry (not twist dry) that way your shirt will retain its structure and quality for many years to come. Once washed and squeezed, you should hang it up somewhere with fresh air flowing through so the shirt will dry faster and be ready for your next life adventure.

Laundry machine allowed

Now, if you'd rather launder the shirt, you're also able to do that if you'd like as long as you don't machine dry the shirt. Here are the requirements for laundering the shirt:

The water temperature should always be below 40˚C / 104°F (cold)

Always use a detergent that is designed for high end fabric. Avoid detergents that use harsh alkalis and other chemicals.

Fabric softeners 
You should never use fabric softeners for our clothing. Fabric softeners are popular for cotton because it's a material that needs it, but if used with ours, it will leave an oil stain on the shirt that will not come out.

Be Gentle
Avoid twisting or wringing out the scarves.

Hang your clothes flat and let it dry naturally. You should dry the clothes in a shadowed area, and avoid any direct exposure to the sun.

Another option is to lay your clothes on a towel and roll the towel; this will eliminate a good amount of dampness so it can dry. Unroll the towel and lay your clothes on a dry towel to completely dry.

When ironing, use a low temperature setting so that the material is not burned.

Things to not do

  1. Use Fabric softeners
  2. Use drying machines
  3. Use bleach
  4. Soak the shirt for longer than a minute or two