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Our Material

We are a company built on a deep love and understanding of materials and the unique contributions each fiber can bring to your life experience. We've spent years developing and testing new iterations of our groundbreaking HercFiber material. This first material brought human biology, behavior, and material science together to create the perfect environment for each person's body.

Now, it's important to remember that HercFiber is not just one material; rather, it's a type of material that's specific combination depends on the person and how they plan on using it. In general, HercFiber is made with multiple components that could include a metal or other compounds that is infused into a base material. We've created versions of HercFiber that include collagen peptides derived from up-cycled fish scales, and we've made versions with Icelandic algae. For example, our Aplu 5.0 beauty face mask is made from HercFiber v.CSC4, which comprises silk, copper, and collagen peptides.

If you're interested in hearing the full story, let us take you back to when the material was developed. 

The Short Story of HercFiber

If you didn't read the full story of HercLéon, check out our About page

Just a few years ago, our founder, Wen, was in Iceland with a backpack full of stinky clothes. He had packed enough clothes, but because the smelly clothes were mixed in with the clean ones in his bag, it made everything smell. Wen was upset by this problem because it meant he would have to wear smelly clothes to the clubs, and that's never a great first impression to make, especially in a country like Iceland where style and hygiene are critical. So he decided that when he returned to the U.S., he would find a way to fix this problem for others that love to travel, live off grid, reduce their carbon footprint, or without access to a laundry machine. 

Along with assistance from industry experts, factories with experience, and over two years of material research and testing, HercFiber was developed for the first time. The first product released using HercFiber was the Apollo shirt and socks, which used HercFiber v.CM4 and the HercFiber v.CC2. Since the release of those two items, we have developed dozens of different versions of HercFiber and have a line up of over half a dozen unreleased products that utilize HercFiber.

HercFiber is a critical step in bringing people and materials in a truly unique and beautiful way.

While we're excited to have created such a unique material, we're more than happy to share with any other companies that are dedicated to help people live a better, cleaner, and more eco-friendly life. As a company, our goal is to help push society forward, and we can't do that by ourselves, and so we're happy to help any other company that values this mission and isn't in it just to maximize their profit at the cost of pollution and harming our shared planet. The future is eco-friendly biology based products, and we're excited to have a material group like HercFiber that makes that future possible and inevitable.