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Our Story

Our why

We believe the world is a happier place when everyone gets a great night's sleep, and we're committed to bringing together advanced biology research and cutting-edge textile engineering to help create the perfect sleep environment for every body. You spend a third of your life in bed, never settle on sleep. 



Is the sleep needs the same for an infant, teenager, and a person going through menopause? No? Well, every bedsheet company in history has treated everybody like they're pretty much the same, until now. HercLéon is the world's first biology-based bedsheet company; we know your body changes as you go through life, and we are committed to making the most comfortable sleep environment for you. We bring together your biology and blend it with our cutting-edge textile innovations while also being mindful of behavioral science to create the perfect sleep products. If you're someone who values mental, emotional, and physical health, we're here to empower you to make sure the 33% of your life that you spend sleeping is the most restful and rejuvenating sleep possible, so you can wake up ready to live life to the fullest.


Our story

Founded in 2017, HercLéon's founder (Wen)ceslaus Muenyi had a simple question, "why does my shirt smell bad? why does anything smell bad?" Coming home from that trip, Wen kept learning about why smell happens in textile and the chemistry between human biology and materials. After two years, he put together his knowledge of the two and released our first shirt called Apollo; it was the world's first shirt that could be worn for over a year without being washed because of smells (stains and dirt is a different story). The release went well, and the shirt, till this day, has only ever had less than ten returns simply because everyone who tries it on falls in love with its softness, breathability, and best of all, its smell-resistance. 

Interestingly, Wen had the basic material architecture for Jax Sheets before the shirt, but he released the shirt first because he didn't think he had the resources to produce the sheets. A few months after the release of the Apollo shirt, he released Jax Sheets, and it was an instant success. The pre-order rolled in, and after a lot of struggling, the sheets were delivered very late, but that didn't matter because the positive reviews were endless. People loved their sheets and came back to order more for themselves and their family members and friends. Just like our Apollo shirt, Jax Sheets has less than ten returns since being released. 

At the end of 2021, we moved our company focus away from clothing to bedding because we realized that we could make a much more significant impact on people's lives by improving their sleep quality. We loved making clothing, but Wen's original goal was to find a way to make people's lives at least 10% to 15% better, and he knew that clothing is cool and fun, but creating the ideal sleep environment based on people's biological needs would allow us to achieve the original goal. Now, we're fully committed to its vision of a future where our innovation improves people's lives and influences positive change with other bedding companies. We believe that in the future, everyone will sleep on HercLéon sheets at least once in their lives at home or in a hotel, cruise ship, flight, hospital, the army, space, or somewhere where people sleep. No matter what happens, when it comes to sleeping on HercLéon sheets, you will never have to settle on sleep. 


About our founder

(Wen)ceslaus was born in a small village town in Cameroon to a polygamist family. His love for creating things started early because he grew up without toys, so he was forced to go by the local river to make his own toys out of clay. When he wasn't making his own clay toys, he was busy being a terrible student. He always received some of the lowest grades in class until he moved to the United States at age nine with his family and suddenly was one of the smartest kids in school. Aside from the joy of not being the stupidest student without trying, he was excited experiencing snow for the first time in his life, even though they were so poor that his mom had to give him her only snowshoes, and he got made fun of in school for wearing oversized women's shoes, and she had to go to work with cold feet. 

The question that led to the creation of HercLéon came to Wen following the death of his mom. Her last goal in life was to see Wen graduate from college, and after achieving that goal, her 18 year-long fight with cancer came to an end a month before her 58th birthday. The death of his mother threw Wen into a deep depression. She was his last living parent, and now he felt lost and alone in this world without any guidance. After months of depression, Wen realized that life felt purposeless, and the only thing he cared about was being of service to others. This desire to help others was the only thing that brought him out of his depression and has been the only thing to keep him joyful every day of his life. 

Outside of HercLéon, Wen doesn't do much else other than reading, working out, and spending time with the people he enjoys. He doesn't watch sports, barely owns any video games, and rarely drinks. Wen loves to create new products, travel to visit friends, and trying new things for fun. He's working on a license to be a solo skydiver, personal pilot and will work on one for solo scuba diving soon too. 

Wen is a student of world history, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and basically all forms of wisdom. Even though he didn't learn to read until he was in middle school, Wen loves reading and reads about one to three books per week, usually sticking to self-help, philosophy, history, and unique people's biography. 

"With enough love and creativity, we can create a planet that enables us to live the most magnificent life imaginable with minimal pollution or waste."

If you have any book, travel, life recommendations/tips/advice, or just want to say hello, feel free to email him (Wen@HercLeon); I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.