• The World's First Self-Cleaning Clothing

Created for Life's Adventures

What's better than going on a wild adventure that takes you off the beaten path? We made the Apollo self-cleaning clothing to be the cleanest and most comfortable clothing, that way you can go on the wildest adventures your heart desires. With the Apollo, you'll never have to worry about your clothes making you stinky and limiting your enjoyment of this beautiful planet we call earth.

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Packed with benefits

Made with HercFiber

Designed by the struggles

"We got it today and immediately put it on and love it!!"

"T-shirt is very comfy and soft. Nice work"

"Got my shirt today! Looks and feels AMAZING!!!"

"It's crazy that I am able to wear the same shirt to work for almost a month straight and just hang it up after and wear it again the next day without any smells; this shirt rocks!"

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