Created For Life's Adventure

What’s better than going on a continuous life adventure, knowing HercLeon’s always on your side and with you every step of the way? We made our range to be the world’s best self cleaning and most comfortable clothing…so you can do what you do, and our clothing can do what it does best: keep you fresh and ready for the next curveball. Enjoy every single experience in your life journey and never have to worry about feeling stinky, nor limiting your achievements on this beautiful planet that we call Earth.

Packed with Benefits

HercLeon isn’t just your average clothing. This is your true silent partner, your best friend, your ultimate buddy and designed to be your perfect life companion for all adventures, great and small. Our self cleaning clothing won’t let you down and will be the most reliable items you own. It’ll always be ready for the different experiences you take, and rooting for you to win.
It benefits everyone who has an active, relentless life such as busy parents, frequent business and leisure travelers, budget backpackers, students gearing up for exams, hormonal teenagers with erratic sweat glands, entrepreneurs working around the clock, exercise lovers and athletes with their eye on the prize...

…And pretty much anyone that’s allergic to laundry.

Fret-Free Guarantee

100 Days Return Policy

We know that you can't tell if you love something in just 30 days. So, no worries, take your time; and enjoy yourself.

Accident Exchange Protection

We know life is full of a million, "oh sh*t" moments. Well, if something happens with your gear, we will be here to help.

Size exchange warranty

Just like you, we don't like to turn down delicious or crazy fad diets. So if your shirt size changes, we'll be here for you.

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