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Flight Flute Instructions (TX11 edition)

Welcome to the flight flute instructions.

We're happy that you've purchased the Flight Flute 2.0 (TX11 edition). This is our latest version with the most advance functionality we've ever tested in a bluetooth device to date.

Now, let's go over all the ways to use your Flight Flute.

Pairing to headphones

This process is very easy. 

  1. Turn off the bluetooth function on other devices you have that would auto-connect to your headphones.
  2. Turn your headphones into pairing mode (AirPods will be blinking slowly in white)
  3. Put the headphone jacket into the Flight Flute 2.0's transmitter port
  4. Turn on the Flight Flute 2.0 by pressing the big button (furthest light on the left will start blinking rapidly)
  5. Allow a few seconds for the Flight Flute to find and connect to your device. Once it's found it, the two will connect and the flight flute will turn off the left light and turn on the 2nd to the left light to indicate that it's successfully connected.
  6. Plug the Flight Flute into whatever audio sources you'd like to use (tv, airplane seat back display, stereo system, etc.)

Pairing to 2nd headphones

This process is also very easy. 

  1. Turn the Flight Flute on and connect it to your main headphones
  2. Turn the 2nd headphones into pairing mode
  3. Double click the big button on the flight flute
  4. The Flight Flute will have the 1st on the left start flashing while the 2nd on the left stays on steadily.
  5. When the Flight Flute finds the 2nd headphones, it'll pair and the light will stop flashing.

Charging the device

The battery life for the Flight Flute 2.0 is 8 hours, so it's always best to charge it before your flight (even if you assume it still has a few hours to go). Now, if it dies while you're using it, the best option is to make sure you're using the cable headphone plug (rather than the metal one) and then plug in the usb charger as well, this way you're able to charge and use the device at the same time.

Resetting the device's memory

Now, let's say you don't want the device to auto-connect to a device you have already paired it to, you're able to reset the device so it forget all the other devices. To reset the Flight Flute is easy, just hold down the power button for 8 seconds until all the light flash. When they all flash, that means the memory has been cleaned and you will have to reconnect all the devices all over again. 

Any questions? 

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you might have about your new Flight Flute. Our email is