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Campus Rep

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HercLéon was started in 2017 with the principle that clothing can be stylish, unique, and not harm the earth or those that inhabit it. Today, we are giving people an opportunity to join this young and fast-moving company to represent the brand at your school. We have new products coming soon, and so we want to get everyone on board before the launch of these new products. Once the patent is approved, we will be releasing our new line of products. These new products will certainly change the industry and make HercLeon one of the most recognized new brands in the fashion industry, and we would love for you to be a part of that when it happens.

REP Requirements

  • Social Media Accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook
  • Studying Marketing, PR, and other forms of sales based majors
  • A GPA of 3.7 maximum to 2.7 minimum
  • Love for travel and the beach
  • Photography skills (Can you take a good picture?)
  • Persuasion skills (Can you sell a car to an Amish?)
  • Can you prove your skills if given one opportunity?


  • A chance to win a free all-expense paid trip and be a part of the yearly HercLeon Team Travel
  • First to know about new products & promotions
  • A chance to earn free gear & prizes
  • Access to acquire unreleased gear
  • Join the national rep community
  • Discounts for friends & family
  • Real-life marketing experience


  • Spread the HercLéon lifestyle on your campus
  • Organize charity event HercLeon participation
  • Compete in weekly challenges
  • Be active on social media


Below briefly tell us about yourself, why we should select you for this role, what school do you go to, and what type of campus connections you have as well as your social media presence (include links/usernames).