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HercLéon's 1 Million Aplu Mask Giveaway



Hello fellow HercLéon family member,

Welcome to our 1 million Aplu face mask giveaway. If you don't know me, my name is Wen, I'm the creator of HercLéon. As this year comes to a close, I wanted to do something to help more people for my birthday (November 12th). I decided I want to give away 1 million of our super popular Aplu anti-acne face masks. This year, like many years before this, I won't be getting a birthday call from my mom or my dad because they both passed away before my 23rd birthday. Losing my parents was very hard for me and threw me into a depression that only ended when I started doing charity, community service, and HercLéon. Following that experience, I committed myself to working in service to everyone I can help and as I turn 27 this November 12th, I'd like to help more than I've ever helped before. 

During Covid-19 times, I believe my Aplu Acne-fighting face masks can help me help you and millions of others who hate their masks and avoid wearing it in situations where they should in order to keep everyone safe. Over the last few months, we've created the most perfect masks available in the country. All feedback we've received, we've listened to and worked on fixing any issues brought up. Whether the issue was maskne, uncomfortable for multiple hours, make up being hard to wash off, more colors, or many of the other requests - we've worked hard and fixed the issues.


Now, we're excited to release version 3.0 of the Aplu mask and we're even more excited to give one away to everyone who wants one. So, if you'd like a free Aplu 3.0 or if you'd like to gift one for free to your friend, please join our giveaway above. Aside from the million masks, we're also giving away a post-Covid around the world plane ticket and thousands of dollars of our released and unreleased travel, home, gym, and camping gear.

Ultimately, on my birthday, I won't have my parents to wish me a happy birthday, but I would love to take part in helping millions of others to not lose a parent to Covid-19 and I hope you're going to help spread the word so we can successfully give away 1 million masks before the holidays. 


Thank you HercLéon family,