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Our Commitment

HercLéon's Three Commitments

To you, we are committed to creating products that allow you to live a cleaner, freer, and more beautiful life. We believe that a life where your clothes are not in your way, is a better life. This belief is why we want to create a future where you can forget about your clothes, because they're always ready to take on any adventure or challenge that life throws at you.

To our community, we're committed to help our brothers and sisters who aren't as fortunate to have a home. There are few things in life that has to be hard to be emotionally challenging handle and we believe being homeless has to be top three. This unfortunate challenge is experienced by hundreds of thousands of people every single day, and we're committed to using our innovative products to make the challenge of being homeless a little less uncomfortable.

To our planet, we're committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. It's absolutely irresponsible the amount of pollution we as a society has been bombarding our planet with, and it's selfish that we are causing so much harm to the only home we and millions of others are forced to share for now (Elon, hurry up). This is why we're doing our part to make sure we're not causing as little harm as possible by creating our clothes in the most eco-friendly manner, making sure the clothes themselves are engineered to be eco-friendly, and offsetting our carbon footprint. 

Ultimately, whenever you shop at HercLéon, these are the three commitments we have to you, our community, and our planet.