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Our Founder

"For everyone on this journey of life with me, I want to thank you; I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to create for you, work with you, and serve you."

HercLéon was founded by Wenceslaus Muenyi, who goes by the name Wen. He was born in a small village town in Cameroon to a polygamist family. His love for creating things started early because he grew up without toys, and so he was forced to go by the local river to make his own toys out of clay. When he wasn't making his own clay toys, he was busy being a terrible student. He always received some of the lowest grades in class until he moved to the United States at age nine with his family, and suddenly was one of the smartest kids in school. Aside from the joy of not being the stupidest student, he wasn't excited about leaving the warm village town he grew up in to move to cold Minnesota.

The question that lead to the creation of HercLéon came to Wen following the death of his mom. Her last goal in life was to see Wen graduate from college, and after achieving that goal, her 18 year long fight with cancer came to an end. The death of his mother threw Wen into a deep depression. She was his last living parent, and now he felt lost and alone in this world without any guidance. After months of depression, Wen realized that life is purposeless and the only thing he cared about was being of service to others. This desire to help others was the only thing that brought him out of his depression and has been the only thing to keep him joyful every day of his life. 

Outside of HercLéon, Wen doesn't do much else other than workout and spend time with the people he enjoys. He doesn't watch sports, barely owns any video games, and doesn't drink. For fun, he loves to travel to visit friends and he's also working on a certification to be a solo sky diver and another for solo scuba diving. 

Wen is a student of world history, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and basically all forms of wisdom. Even though he didn't learn to read until he was in middle school, Wen loves reading, and reads about 1 to 3 books per week. He's always excited to learn history, philosophy, or geography from anyone who is interested in sharing their knowledge/wisdom with him. 

"With enough love and creativity, we can create a planet that enables us to live the most magnificent life imaginable with minimal pollution or waste."

If you have any book, travel, life recommendations/tips/advice, or just want to say hello, feel free to email him (Wen@HercLeon) and I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.