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Why Biology Based?

We believe the only way forward is biology-based bedsheets. Since the
industrial revolution, most companies have focused their energy on
mass producing products to reduce costs and maximize profits. This
approach is understandable if your only goal is making a large profit,
but when this is done, quality is lost as cheap material is chosen.
Fast forward to the present and companies are valuing quality much
more than before due to customers now being empowered thanks to the
internet and increased information. Sharing if a product is easily
worn down or quality has been compromised is done every day.  Thanks
to the internet revolution and continued social media sharing, this
major shift has become the most significant shift in humanity since
the industrial revolution, and companies have had to adapt and offer
quality products.

Now, you might've noticed that throughout this evolution, the one
aspect that has yet to happen on a broad scale is the person-centered
shift. Many companies make products based on profits; they have
perfected the ratio of quality to sales, working to give only as much
quality as needed to sell the product and keep customers happy enough
to avoid conflict. Even going so far as to market lies or near-lies to
get products to the customers, with little care of what happens after
that - to the product or to the environment. From start to finish,
these companies fail to ask what the person’s needs are.

Here at HercLeon we believe that profits are cool, but people are much
cooler. We have created biology-based bedsheets because companies,
since the beginning of time, have made products based on what
materials they have available. We do the process backwards; we start
with the people and look at what people and their bodies need to live
a great life. The materials created and done to enhance the experience
of life for each person who uses them. Biology-based bedsheets are a
creation based around the human body, we're pushing for this creation
to cater to the sleep needs of different people.

People-centered product design is the next big shift happening in
business as people start caring about their mental, emotional, and
physical health more and start seeing that they are not average, so
average products are no longer wanted.

Creating amazing products that actually make someone's life better is
such an amazing feeling for everyone involved. Getting to wake up each
morning and hear about how our products are improving people's lives
in almost every country in the world is such a gift that no amount of
money could compare. Now if only we could reach all countries - which
reminds me, hey North Korea, please let us send you a set of sheets;
I’m sure after enjoying a great night's sleep we will all get along

We loved making clothing and although it was fun and allowed us to
perfect our HercFiber, we care most about helping you love and take
better care of yourself - our bed sheets can better help us achieve
this goal. We truly believe that if everyone loved and took good care
of themselves, they would be filled with so much love that it would be
impossible for them to not care for the people around them and the
planet we all share. We believe that if we want to save humanity from
hurting ourselves or destroying our planet, we have to invest more
into love and stop relying so heavily on environmental laws or Elon
Musk to save us. There is only one planet that we live on and we don't
have time to lose. Plus, Mars sounds pretty terrible, not a single
beluga whale on that whole planet, can you imagine giving up Earth for
that? No thanks, call us when you find a beluga whale on Mars and then
maybe we'll talk. What if we invested in love as much as we invest in
laws, there is hope that as people start loving and taking better care
of themselves, the planet will recover and replenish itself.

To us, the only sustainable forward movement is through investing in
love and the wellbeing of one another. We invest in love by creating
products that are mindful of you, your body, and your planet; we hope
that you can feel the amount of love that it took for us to create
this set of sheets each time you settle into bed, and you can see that
you're worth all the love in the world - allow yourself to love
yourself even more than that.

Ultimately, we're a company that wants to spread love, and we do it
through the bedsheets, towels, shirts, underwear, and everything else
we create. We hope that even if you don't use what we make, you can
still read these words and know that you're worth every ounce of love
on this planet. You should never feel wrong for loving yourself and
never make excuses for why you can't love yourselves because whatever
reasons you find are a part of what makes you who you are:  a unique,
flawed, and beautiful human being. Remember, when life inevitably gets
hard, know that you're not alone. We're all humans and here at
HercLeon, we are always here for you, so please always feel free to
reach out if you want to chat. As a company, we only loosely care
about selling products to people; we're all doing this because we love
materials, people, and the  planet so this is our chance to bring them
together beautifully and harmoniously. After that job is done, we're
here for fun, jokes, and to connect with others as we all go through
this shared experience of life.

With boundless love and gratitude,

Wen and the HercLéon team of wonderful and beautifully flawed human beings.