F**K OFF All Natural Bug Spray

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    A few months while stuck in quarantine at a beautiful cabin in northern Minnesota by the Canadian border, we noticed how annoying mosquitoes are when you love the outdoors. Seriously, those little f**kers exist just to make enjoying nature a bit harder, and we didn't want to deal with them anymore, and that's where F**K OFF was born.

    Our all-new all-natural bug spray comes with some unique benefits:

    1) Try For Free: We didn't make this product to make money, we made it so everyone could use it to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without being annoyed by bugs. So, we welcome everyone to get their first for free using the code "BugsSuck" during checkout.

    2) It is better for you and the mosquitos: Do you know how many harmful poisonous chemicals are in most bug sprays? When making F**K OFF, our main goal was to use the most eco-friendly and natural ingredients while creating the ingredients list. This focus on using natural ingredients would allow use to limit the chances that your skin will react negatively to the spray.

    3) Enjoy nature a lot more: Obviously, this is a bug spray, so its primary use is to allow you to spend hours outside without bugs bothering you. Just imagine how much fun you'll have when you can go camping, hiking, or sitting outside without bugs constantly trying to hit on you.

    4) You won't smell like a nuclear power plant: We don't know anyone who likes smelling like DEET, and we certainly don't want to smell like a future bomb, so we made sure the spray smelled very natural.

    5) Could potentially repel annoying people: Honestly, we've not tried this feature out before, but it's possible that spraying a bit of F**K OFF on someone who annoys you will get them to leave you alone. Please test this out for us.

    6) The only bug spray you'll enjoy: Ultimately, we love laughing now and not crying later, so whenever you use F**K OFF, you'll at least get a good laugh.

    7) Will make you 3.5x funnier: Think of how cool, funny, and edgy you'll look when someone asks you for some of your bug spray, and you tell them F**K OFF, then they look at you, and you show them the bottle and offer it to them with a slight smile on your face... yeah, thank us later.

    8) Doesn't harm those blood-sucking monsters: I'm talking mosquitos, not children. Since our formula is DEET free, the mosquitos will live another day to bother someone else who isn't as cool and caring as you.

    9) Made with love: Every bottle is personally kissed by Wen before shipped off, so his love will keep you safe from all negativity you encounter while using F**K OFF.

    • Actual Ingredients: 
      Citronella Oil
      Corn Ethanol
      Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

      Alternate facts ingredients: 

      "Sugar, spice, and everything nice
      These were the ingredients chosen
      To create the perfect little girls
      But Professor Utonium accidentally
      Added an extra ingredients to the concoction--
      Chemical X... Kablowee (big explosion)
      Thus, The Powerpuff Girls were born
      Using their ultra-super powers
      Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup
      Have dedicated their lives to fighting crime
      And the forces of evil"

      Disclaimer: As with all bug sprays, research the ingredients and use it at your own risk. We all react differently to different ingredients; don't forget that some people are allergic to grass, so, while we're mindful of the ingredients we use, we can't guarantee it's safe for you specifically.

    • Due to high demand, it might take 1-3 days for us to ship out all new orders. 

    • Honestly, the name does half the work of the joke, so I doubt you need help with making up more jokes.

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