Kribi is a HercLéon product and I am the founder and creative director

Okay, let's start with the elephant in the room: yes, underwear that you can wear for a week or a month seems gross, but it's a critical step towards a sustainable future for the planet and a more enjoyable life for you and here's why.

1 - Laundry is polluting the planet

Have you ever taken out your electric bill and noticed that on some days there's a noticeable spike in your electricity usage? More than likely, that day was a laundry day. Most people are not aware of how much pollution regularly washing their clothes and other household items puts into the atmosphere. The Guardian, a British newspaper, wrote an article about the laundry problem and said, "Washing and drying a load every two days creates around 440 kg of CO2 each year, which is equivalent to flying from London to Glasgow and back with 15-mile taxi rides to and from the airports." You could watch an hour of TV (which generates 0.088 kg of C02 per hour) every single day for a whole year and only generate 32 kilograms of C02, that's how much pollution a laundry machine produces to dry a few things.

2 - Do you know that we are eating our clothes?

The single biggest pollution problem affecting the ocean is microfibers. The microfiber comes from a few different sources, but one of the most common causes are our clothes. When you wash a single fleece jacket, it could shed up to 250,000 pieces of microfiber into the ocean every time you wash it. That's just one jacket, now imagine how many pieces of microfiber each load of laundry you do puts into the sea. Every year, trillions of pieces of tiny fiber coming from our clothes end up in the ocean where fish consume it, and then those fish are eaten and it ends up in your body. So, I hope when you're doing your laundry, you're washing your best tasting clothes because some of it will probably end up in your stomach one day.

3 - Underwear is the most polluting article of clothing

Most people wear their underwear only once, then they wash it, and that's horrible for the planet for two reasons. The first reason it's bad that you wash your underwear every time you wear it is because of the two reasons above, it adds so much unnecessary pollution into the air and the ocean. The second reason for washing your underwear after each wear is that the more you wash, the faster your underwear degrades. So, by washing it so much you're destroying it faster and that will make them less comfortable to wear. Plus it require you to buy more underwear, which will costs you more time, money, and energy.

4 - Life gets wild sometimes, the Kribi will always be ready

You never know what type of adventure life will take you on. One day, you could be like one of our customers who was stuck in the hospital for a week after his twins were born prematurely. He had to wear our shirt for a week straight to not smell bad because he didn't have time to go home and change. One day, you might have a new product being released and have to stay in the office for weeks to work on completing everything by the release date and wearing the same clothes for many days in a row. One day, you might decide to hike the Appalachian trails, any extra clothes making the journey 2x harder without adding much extra comfort or fun to the trip. You never know what adventure life will take you on, and so we made this underwear to be your most reliable pair, so when life gets challenging, you know your underwear is ready to go on whatever adventure life throws your way.

5 - Stinky/sweaty underwear kills vibes

It could be a date, a pitch meeting, or a trip, regardless of what you're doing, stinky/sweaty underwear kills vibes. Imagine going on a date you've thought about for weeks, and the nervous sweats get you, and when it's time to take your underwear off, it does not smell ideal. Imagine you have a meeting you've worked hard on, and the sweats kick in, and you get sweat marks on your pants during your presentation. Have you been on a long trip where the hygiene situation wasn't ideal, and you could smell your crotch? Yeah, that's a vibe killer, especially when you get on a flight home, and the person next to you can smell it too. It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your underwear choices.


The five reasons above are why we decided to create the Kribi. When designing and material testing the Kribi, we knew our main goal was to create underwear that required the lowest amount of laundering, so you could wear it for as many days as possible without it having to be washed. We're excited to see that we've created the world's cleanest underwear and the Kribi is able to go as long as you're brave enough to go. As of now, we're planning on releasing it on Indiegogo next week, so if you're interested in checking it out, join the waiting list to get a special deal when it's released.

Update: We released the Kribi and we were fully funded in a few hours, check it out on Indiegogo: Kribi - The World's Cleanest Underwear