For the next two weeks, we will be out of the office. As you might or might not know, HercLéon only has two main employees, me (Wen) and Rachel, and everything else is handled by our many different partners (production, fulfillment, etc.). We like keeping things this small because it allows us to interact one-to-one with almost every single customer we serve, but choosing to be this small has some downsides. This is one of the downsides.

Since the founding of HercLéon, I've not taken more than one day away from work (shipping orders, emails, website updates, etc.). During this time, HercLéon has grown from doing travel products to laundry-free products to eco-friendly bedding and loungewear. These changes were made without much thought because I allowed our HercLéon family member's desires and feedback to guide me in my product development process.

Now, with a rapidly growing customer base and product catalog, I decided it would be best to take a break from HercLéon to determine if what we're doing aligns with our goals of being loving to our planet and the people who share it with us (you). I am doing this by going to a remote forest area where I won't have any phone or internet access, so I can truly disconnect with the world outside of myself and reconnect with my inner voices (yeah, super hippyish stuff here, haha).
During this break, Rachel will be taking a mental health break, so we might not return emails until after May 20th. Orders placed from May 6-20th will be shipped on the 21st unless they are stored at our warehouse.

I am very thankful for having such supportive customers who give us so much love, so I am excited to take a break so I can come back ready and able to give 100% with a clearer vision for where we will go together moving forward.

With love and gratitude,


P.s. Since my parents passed away a few years ago, everyone gets to be like my mom. So here is a picture of me and my friend who I will be staying with at his forest home. If you don't hear from me in two weeks, find him and bring me back :)